How is perfect espresso made?  

Espresso is simply a method, a way to brew coffee. In fact, any coffee can be brewed as espresso—though some types taste better than others. Making espresso involves pushing hot water through a compact ‘puck’ of grounds at high pressure, usually at around 9 bar (9 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level).

The machines that Bytown Beans uses are generating the prefect amount of BAR pressure at 9 bar and compact ‘puck’ of ground coffee!

What is BAR Pressure?

The water pressure is measured in “BAR” units.  This “BAR” measurement, usually at around 9 BAR, when making espresso, is related to the Earth’s atmospheric pressure.  So this 9 BAR measurement used for espresso coffee is approximately 9 times the atmospheric pressure or barometric pressure of the Earth at sea level.  Say what?  Yes, making espresso all ties in with the rhythms of the earth itself.  No wonder the taste is so divine if its done right!

How Keurig Coffee K-Cups Hurt the Environment:

Bytown Beans is environmentally friendly.  K Cups are not compostable and many make their way to land fills each year.  Watch Video.

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