Our clients overall find that using our system saves them money on their coffee consumption and increases employee productivity and morale. 

​Our pricing includes all the supplies, servicing and maintenance.

The frequency of our site visits depends on your rate of consumption but would typically be on a weekly basis at a minimum once the early acclimatization period is over. 

It is not uncommon for us to visit every few days at the start to collect feedback from you, tinker with beverage settings (both dosage and strength) and recipes, restock supplies, clean the machines and even try different bean combinations. 

We also have a relationship with a local roaster who is sizable and flexible to accommodate our joint needs. We encourage supporting local small businesses.

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There is no charge to you for our machines; we provide them rent-free. The number of machines will depend on your space, your beverage variety wishes and consumption volumes.

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Our machines, indeed all authentic coffee machines, require careful and timely attention for cleaning, restocking and maintenance. This is part of our responsibility and commitment to you. 

You will not experience the quality degradation other machines are prone to. Bytown Beans service is outstanding. 

Our bean and product solution is very customizable. For example, we can test whatever bean you prefer, and we do have recommendations of what works best to serve both espresso and Americano beverage profiles. 

As mentioned earlier, we have a relationship with a local established roaster who offers a variety of Beans from around the world which will appease the taste buds for every coffee lover!

The possibilities are endless!

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